Saturday, August 4, 2012

Im Sutera Harbour Trainee Part 1


Fuuuh fuhhhhh ! berhabuuk sungguh blog ni..mana tidaknya, berjuta tahun tidak di update. Busy yang sangat melampau. busy study, busy practical macam macam lagi. Setakat ini masih waras dan belum jadi gila lagi. Harap-harap tidak akan berlaku la yerr..??HeHe..actually i got a lot of assigment yang hendak di buat, but, oleh kerana terlampau dan teramat merinduii blog aku yang tidak lah seberapa comel ini, so i have to spend more time with this blog..HeHe..

Last few month i have to go for my practical at Sutera Harbour. So much experience i got there, im so nervous when the first time i have to registered and have to met so many people, learn a new thing and a new environment for me. Think Positive selalunya berkesan untuk masa-masa seperti ini yer kawan-kawan. Macam-macam yang aku lalui selama 5 bulan di sana. Happy sebab semua menerima aku dengan baik. teach me dengan bersungguh-sunggh. Terharu sangat-sangat !

I spend 2 month and half at Room service. Kak IDARMIA is my Manager there, but she doesn't act like she is a manager when she are talking or do something with me. She always act like a sister to me and also to the all staff there, and it makes me very comfortable. i got a lot of guy friend a room service, there's a no women staff there except our manager,Kak Mia. Day by day, i already feel comfortable and close to them, we are like family there, and im the second young of the family and we still have one younger brother there, azman. He is my closes friends there, we always do something together and he is very kind person. Rusdy , keq, warren, frieter, azmil, azwin, din,and  imbie like brother for me. Miss them so much..thanks for teaching me before this.

This is Kak Mia :)

 This is my room service friends. From left, azmil, rusdy, kak dewi is behind me she is like sectary of my f&b   manager, juliana is my restaurant friends, mamat and imbie..:)

Azlan, khairul a.k.a KEQ , Adam and Rusdy.

azlan and azman :) miss both of u. :)

After a long time there i have been transfer to ALFRESCO RESTAURANT.  Boss Iskandar is my manager there, he is also very kind person. But i have a lot of problem there, satu hari tu my kaki terseliuh when im on the way turun tangga. i want to mengelak something then suddenly i fall, but after i fall i didn't feel the pain..after a few hour baru lah sakit sanggat..and i cannot stand for a long by day i still feel that pain and i  take a lot of MC when im working there. Maybe some people said that maybe i cannot face the situation, and cannot do so many work. but the truts is, i really like to working there ,to meet many different people, and i got a lot of tips there.. i like it. Last day im in AL FRESCO its very touching moment ever since i working there. At the night 1 American couple ,husband and wife around 40-50 years old, call me to her table. The wife said to me that they will leave this county tomorrow, and the best part is she said that " sweetie, we will gonna miss you so much,and before be leave this restaurant tonight we want to meet you for a last time. SO SWEET sanggat-sanggat..actually i always serve them  because they is regular customer  since their check in ,in Sutera Harbour. But i never know their name. so i said to them.'' so sweet of you mam, and for your information this is also my last day of working here. tomorrow i have to transfer to the kitchen" suddenly both of then stand and hug and kiss me like im is their daughter .. so sweeet sangatt ..I never tough somebody will appreciate me like that.

Its also very best moment when i got transfer to western kitchen they really appreciate me. Teach me a lot of  thing. Im happy working there. soo happy.! after that i have to transfer to cold kitchen. :)
My Smart Executive CheF !


actully i have a lot of picture..

Insyallah to be continue :)

P/S : Miss then so much ! hope u do miss me..:)