Friday, March 18, 2011

worried of mine..??

Assalamualaikum..hye all..!!

LoNG tiMe no see..
very busy this this kind few weeks..
exam is comming soon..
nervous..??of coz la..!
sebab, saya sangat takut untuk kejadian sama berulang kembali..??
what kejadian..??
kejadian repeat paper la..!!
dont want if it happend again..
now saya sangat2 risau..coz dun know la but i think my study was agak sedikt merosot..!!
Sepa yang x risau kan..??
I need to study hard now..!!
Next week banyak test n exam Kitchen lagi..!!
i need to score it...!!sangat2 perlu..!!

Dont know why, but i feel something different happend right now in my life..Huuhh..!! Next week also we got Dinner !! but still dont know what kind of fashion i want to wear at the historic night..!!HAHAHAHA..!!

u know what??that will makes me not in mood to go the dinner!!!


Now im in KB..Need rest..!!but i have many things to do..!!
its time to serious..!! no more play2..!!