Thursday, August 16, 2012

He is sooo sooo COOL Okeyyy !


I NEVER MEET PEOPLE SO COOL LIKE THAT !  Tadi when we go to City Mall, suddenly i saw one guy around 20-25 years old , 180cm , rambut light gold brown, putih2 ,with t-shirt + jeans+ red jacket+ sneaker and  wearing earphone, maybe he was listening to the song. I don't know why that guy got a very good attraction , he look different for me ,nice and so COOL, he is not Chinese , maybe not malay also, or he got mix blood i think. Im interested with that guy ! fuyooooo statmenttt ! hahaha  ! im curious with that guys, seriously jarang nampak that kind of guy in this Key,key okey, don't know why, but he looks so COOL. COOL sangat-sangat okeyyy ! kalau tak taw malu dah aku sapa dia awal-awal..but aku just mampu saw him dari sebelah, dia masuk kedai CD yang betul2 sebelah kedai yang aku masuk tadi.. :) so just tgk dari situ jak laa..HAHAHA ! so COOL okeyy dia berjalan. Sanggat COOL, dengan ketinggian diaa..cannt describe so much but, for sure when u saw that guy, HAHAHA ! macam nampak David Beckham maybe.. David beckham..??ada kena mengena kah..?errm maybe laaa ..

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